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Crystal Clear is a ROBLOX game created by Night_Moons (aka. Guest_2551)

It is in the MMORPG and Adventure genres and is similar to a popular anime called One Piece

How do I start and how can I get help?Edit

In Crystal Clear, you begin at an island and choose your adventure. You can do anything that the game offers you to do. If you press the '?' then you will be able to access the Help Menu, where you can recieve help from.

What's special about Crystal Clear? Edit

In Crystal Clear, there are special objects called 'Power Crystals' which the robloxian soul can absorb and gain powers from.

These 'Power Crystals' can be found anywhere on the map.

It takes these anywhere from 2-3 hours to spawn

These despawn in 4-6 minutes, so you better get them fast

There are different varities of Power Crystals which give you different kinds of powers.

These powers could be combined with weapons and may even be.. combined?

Different Kinds of Power Crystals Edit

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